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from 15000 tenge

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Our advantages

About us in figures


Number of salons in Astana

We have full-scale spa salons, and apartment-type apartments equipped for massage parlor


Average age of masseuses

Our masseuses are trained every 3-4 months for new types and techniques of massage


Number of satisfied customers per month

We monitor the quality of our guests and receive feedback from them

3 years

We are in the market of massage services

We have been working for a long time in the market of massage services and have a lot of experience in this field.

What you get from body massage?

  1. Relaxation - Body massage is the best way to relax and unwind from everyday work. Body massage includes 3 types of massage: 1. Classic relaxing, 2. Body massage with oil, 3. Massage with lingam
  2. Sexual health - body massage has 2000 years of history, which goes back to India. Body massage is the whole philosophy and culture of male sexual power. 
  3. Confidence  - body massage involves body massage. A nude masseuse slides over the body of a man. During the session, a man is charged with positive energy, the aura of a beautiful woman. What in the future, helps a man in communication with a woman to feel confident and calm.
  4. Respect - successful men do not consume cheap alcohol, and do not rest in questionable institutions. More men prefer to spend time in the gyms and surrounded by beautiful masseuses. Such a person radiates a special strong energy that is immediately noticeable by the surrounding people.

How we are working?

The admin receives the call

Your call is accepted by the admin, who will consult you about all the services. And make the reservation in the salon.

You are going to the nearest salon

We have several points around the city, so you will go to the nearest and free salon

Body massage

In the salon you will meet the administrator. Choose a master and go to a massage

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